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The Official Award Show for the THC Classic

We celebrate the best of the best, from Flower to Concentrates, Edibles to Topicals, we've got all the top contenders under one roof! Come celebrate the wonderful world of cannabis!

Teams from the Cannabis Industry Gather to Celebrate the Arrival of April

Competitions aside, we're all friends here. We know April brings the most celebrated cannabis holiday of the year. We also know that means everyone in the industry will be extremely busy. We thought it would be nice to give these wonderful people a night of fun and relaxation before the madness begins! Come hangout with friends, have a  drink, kick back and enjoy some live music by none other than AFRO motherf*ckin M-A-N

Last Year's Event Sold Out!

It was HUGE. So great. So beautiful.

A Night to Remember

When is the last time you had this much fun on a Thursday night? We hope this is one you'll remember, or better yet maybe you'll have so much fun that you won't remember a thing... Cheers!

THC Classic Ad

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